Sell tickets/bookings on and off line from 1 integrated platform, with Booknow’s all in one ticketing solution.
Have confidence that no matter where you tickets are sold your Capacity/Inventory is managed.

Sell tickets by the minute/hour/day/week and schedule them whenever you wish, with BookNows easy to use product scheduling system. Publish tickets online, instore or both with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Easy to use event creation tool for special events, in just a few minutes publish your special event online.

Create birthday party packages with ease, automatically book rooms, account for capacity and include extra’s.

Sell bundled tickets and parties, for venues with multiple activities with seperate inventories.

Sell a series event, book guests into a multi week series in just one process, sell your series in store or online.

Food Service - Retail

“Sell tickets, Food and Beverages, Merchandise and manage entry to your venue all through one simple user friendly touch screen interface. Avoid the need for multiple systems with BookNow’s all in one system. Sell at a traditional counter top POS sale register or on the go via a mobile terminal. “

POS is fully integrated with fixed or mobile card terminals.
Check your guests in simply with simple guest look up, return their booking using our simple search bar, by scanning a QR code or by scanning their RFID band.
Guest entry can be manually managed or fully integrated into you access control system, allowing staffless scan and turnstile entry.
All tickets can be validated at POS whether sold online or instore.
Sell F&B simply using our touch screen interface for simple look up, product search bar or barcode scan.
Draw inventory down automatically and stay ontop of your stock with simply automatic stock leveling and reorder reports.
Simple inventory sales reports can demonstrate the success off your product catalogue, with simple test and measure, you can transform the success of your f&B and merchandise outlets.


  • Tickets and turnstiles
  • Fast Transactions
  • Easy Payments, integrated card payments, Integrated gift card redemtption, RFID cashless


  • Multiple ticket types from one integrated screen.
  • Handle single ticket and multi ticket entry from a single screen.
  • Use your existing hardware, BookNow will work with any device as long as it’s connected to the internet and has a browser!


Booknow software is built on giving class leading CRM built in.

Create granular segmentations for targeted messaging.
Automate your customer interactions with Process builder, a drag and drop automation tool to ensure all customers recieve the same communication and engagement when they interact with your business.

Reward your customers, create customisable rewards for behaviour or interactions you want. Winning a customer is hard work! Keeping them is easy with well defined re-engagment strategies, automated with Booknow.

Make better decisions about products to keep or replace and how to communicate strategic and tactical communications to customers for the greatest impact with Salesforce’s Award winning analytics platform.


Salesforce’s award winning business intelligence engine. Use with declarative drag and drop report building to easily understand key business metrics. Identify your key business drivers and save reports that keep you up to date in real time. Use your favourite reports in the customisable drag and drop Dashborad builder, create a single user interface to keep you up to speed on all of your key performance indicators in real time. For those looking to make their data work harder, checkout Einstein Analytics from Salesforce, artifcial analytics that will analyse the past to help you more accurately predict the future!


Effort free gift card management. Giftcards sold online will be generated automatically, sent to the customer automatically & redeemed by you customers via your website or your front of house team. Selling gift cards has never been so simple.

Gift card management is automated and configurable with our built in solution that integrates with your banking systems, social media and online analytics. Stay up-to-date with sales and redemption of your gift cards with Salesforce reports and dashboards. Available in all currency and reportable in multi currency. Redemption has never been easier for customers through our online booking platform or with a member of staff via our built in POS solution ‘BuyNow’. Gift card management has never been so automated!


Paperless waiver solutions from Booknow Software. Built in and easy to manage. Offer your customers the ability to sign waivers on any device at home or onsite. With Checkbox or Digital signature your waivers can be securely stored within Salesforce.

Import your existing waiver data with ease, with Salesforce’s built in easy to use drag and drop data loading tool.

Whether signed online or onsite, your customers waivers will be ready to assign to the right bookings at checkin. Be confident in your compliance with Booknow, ensure the correct waivers are allocated to the relevent bookings and that everyone in your business has a valid waiver for the activity they are partaking in.

Instantly analyse your waiver data in real time and automatically add your waiver data to your marketing segmentations.


RFID is revolutionising customer experience, operators understanding, and secondline spend opportunities within leisure facilities. Control access, accept cashless payments, track activity, time entry and exit with BookNow’s RFID solutions.

RFID and Self service go hand in hand, or band on wrist so to speak. Automate simple transactions without the need for coins or interaction with kiosk style interfaces. Just swipe your band and go. Whether you’re purchasing a coffee, accessing your locker or gaining access to an attraction, your RFID band is your customers key!

Not just bands! We all understand the branding power of flashing wristbands and colourful prints that children can wear and will enjoy as a keepsake after their visit. But RFID tags can be hidden in all sorts of different ways. For attractions that are looking to drive revisitation, and parental ease of transaction, why not provide an RFID branded key fob? Or a branded RFID sticker that can be stuck on the back of a mobile phone?


Manage Entry


Manage Time


Track Capacity


Understand your customers

All data points are reportable in realtime through Salesforce’s award winning drag and drop report and dashboard builder. To truly understand your data it needs to be provided in the way you want to recieve it.

Automated marketing and communications

Designed automated customer communications with perfect timing! With the advent of social media as an outreach tool, ‘blast marketing’ has become old hat! This doesn’t mean that email and SMS marketing has lost its place in the world, but it has had to adapt. Automated drip campaign marketing is about engaging customers at the right time on the right subject. Using Salesforce’s rich array of built in automation tools true customer engagement can be achieved.

With information provided through customer transactions, perfectly time a series of event emails to celebrate that special somones birthday! Create automatic promotional codes and send them directly to customers on exit helping drive that all important ‘revisitation rate’.

Create beautiful emails with Salesforce’s simple email creation wizard, or if you have a digital agency, write HTML templates.

Send SMS instead of email, as we know average open rates for marketing emails are just 20% when compared with an average open rate of 98% for an SMS marketing campaign.
Increase your hit rate by carefully segmenting your customers and send the right messages, at the right time!

Automate your engagement, set up you engagement strategy, press go and let Salesforce and BookNow take the strain, don’t pressure yourself with the email content deadlines for monthly newsletters, let Salesforce and BookNow do the hard work for you.

Test and Measure, understand your engagement campaign success with realtime reporting from Salesforce, make adjustments and watch your outcomes adjust. Optimise your engagment strategy to increase your revenue!

Self Service Kiosks

Effort free gift card management. Giftcards sold online will be generated automatically, sent to the customer automatically & redeemed by you customers via your website or your front of house team. Selling gift cards has never been so simple.
  • Reduce queues
  • Reduce staffing costs
  • Reduce cash risk
  • Let customers serve themselves with cost effective, intuitive, selfservice kiosks from BookNow software.k


As we enter the age of self service, BookNow is giving their customers what they want! With cost effective, self service solutions making it easy for customers to redeem their tickets purchased online, purchase new tickets, create waivers and checkin!

Reduce queueing times to increase customer satisfaction and time on site!

Eliminate queues and eradicate customer dissatisfiers, help drive customer revisitation!