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The IATP conference and trade show is now less than two weeks away, and BookNow software is getting set for its first ever exhibition. It is currently the only event of it’s kind for the trampoline park sector

Trampoline parks have enjoyed explosive growth over the last few years and are now experience fresh new challenges many have not experienced before. These include increased competition from 3rd and 4th generation parks, challenging seasonality and maintaining cash flow for future re-investment.

If you haven’t been before, the IATP conference and trade show; now in its third year, is comprised of educational sessions and workshops geared toward all levels of indoor trampoline park, entertainment centres, and sports facility owners and operators.

Members of the BookNow team will be available in Berlin to meet with both new and established park owners to understand what the latest challenges are, explore new opportunities and discuss their current software requirements. We are anticipating a great event and are also keen to spend some quality time with our clients from around the globe.

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