BookNow has the point of sale functions you need to keep your throughput up, your backend organized and your guest happy. Plus enterprise amusement park software capabilities that can handle all areas of your park seamlessly from your ticket booths to your gift shops.


Cut wait times, sell attraction tickets, player cards, concessions, combos and season passes, drive loyalty programs, and more.


Sell capacity-controlled tickets online with barcodes for verification and check local reports for instant.

Time Clock & Scheduling

Build schedules, manage your time clock, communicate with employees and review time-off requests

Food & Beverage

From simple concessions and mobile pop-up snack bars to complex restaurant and bar offerings

Memberships & Passes

Offer season passes or memberships that include admission and anything else you desire. Allow guests to become true

Add-On Modules

No two parks are alike. That’s why we let you customize CenterEdge any way you like. Offer tickets on consignment